This tutorial will help you block any unwanted calls and text messages from any contact or numbers on your Android device

Once upon a time, we all had that annoying phone number or person who we wanted to avoid or ignore or both. Well I've been there too. In this guide, you will learn how to block those unwanted calls and phone numbers.

The first and easy way to do this is through your device's call/contact application.

Blocking  Phone Numbers and calls through Google's default contact application. 

Go to your app drawer (or app menu) depending on the launcher you are using.

  • Locate your contact app 
  • Click on options (three dots) on the top right corner (this may vary depending on your device android version- other users of newer devices should swipe from left to right of the application)
  • Click on settings
  • Click on blocked numbers
  • Add the phone numbers you wish to block.

And you're done.

For those that want to use a seperate application to do this, there are Third party Android Applications available on the Google Play store to achieve this.

The first third party app on the list is the MR NUMBER application.

Blocking  Phone Numbers and calls through Mr Number application.

The Mr number app allows you block unwanted number from calling and texting your Android smartphone and also keeps your phone inaccessible by the rest of the world of you so desire.

The Mr number app is also an ads free app so you don't have to worry about those annoying pop up advertisement on your Android device.  With the Mr number app, you can also source for the identity of unkown callers.

Using Mr Number application is also easy, all you just have to do is:

  • Download the Mr Number app from the Google play store.
  • Launch the application from your app drawer
  • Swipe from the left side of the application

  • Click on block list and add the phone numbers and/or texts you want to block.

The second third party app on the list is the Call Control - Call Blocker application.

Blocking  Phone Numbers and calls through Call Control - Call Blocker application.

This application will automatically block calls from spammers, robo callers and most importantly phone numbers you have decided to block. This application has over One Billion calls blocked to date with the call control app.

The Call Control- Call Blocker app also allows you to source for the identity of unkown callers. The Call Control - Call Blocker app has had over five million downloads from the Google play store.

The final third party app on the list is the Anti - Nuisance android application.

Blocking  Phone Numbers and calls through the Anti- Nuisance android application.

The unique feature about this app which makes it stand out from the aforementioned, is its ability to block calls and texts from unwanted phone Numbers at specific times of the day.

How To Use The Anti-Nuisance Application.

  • Download the Anti-Nuisance app from the Google play store
  • Launch app
  • Click on the add button to begin adding phone numbers to you blacklist


That's all for this tutorial. Have fun while using it.

This tutorial isn't meant to promote any application in any way.


Dumnoi Ikechukwu

Computer Science student and a lover of anything techy!.

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